Writing a setting description ks23

Without a thesis, your argument falls flat and your information is unfocused.

Writing a setting description ks23

Where you start and how you proceed from there will depend on what you want to convey to your reader and might be influenced by the following aspects, among others: Or if the park is very orderly and structured, you will want to describe it in an orderly and structured manner, while an overgrown chaos of plants, playground, people, and trash might be decribed in a chaotic manner.

Or if your protagonist approaches the park and moves through it, he will first see it from afar and have a more general impression and see more and more details as he approaches and finally enters and moves through it. If, on the other hand, he is sitting on a bench daydreaming, his first perception, when he returns to reality, might be a bird picking at some crumbs or the light filtering down through the leaves and turn outward and to a more holistic image from these details.

Or, if he is walking the park with his loved one, talking to her, his perception will be a sequence of highlights unrelated to each other. So, first of all, think about the place in your narrative that the decription has and try to deduce the order of the description from its narrative function.

You are writing the story; the narrator is telling the story. It's important to understand the distinction. Is your narrator a godlike character who sees all and knows all, including the private thoughts of all the characters, and details known only to narrator and reader but not the characters?

Is it someone more objective, who reports only on things that are directly observable, without access to anyone else's thoughts? Is it an active participant in the story, who can observe and describe, but also articulates his own thoughts? Do various characters take on the narrative role at different points in the story?

writing a setting description ks23

Does your story step into the land of metafiction and postmodermism, where the narrator expounds on the nature of fiction itself? The narrator's role will help you choose which details to reveal when you describe the setting. With that, there are ways you, as the author, can have fun with your characters.

For example, what your narrator fails to notice can be as interesting to your readers as what he does describe. A seemingly objective narrator can turn out to be unreliable, inducing the reader to reflect on the story so far, and work to uncover the actual truth.

So, there's no specific order, or list of items to include. Do what you need to do to build the necessary tension to advance the story, and reward the reader for sticking through to the end.The FNC has some great features including a gas setting for adverse conditions that simply slides over a hole and allows less gas to escape.

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