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Before class prepare the Noah's Ark envelopes.

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Print out the animal cards and cut them out. If you aren't a member, you can have your children each draw two pictures of the same animal to make two matching cards. Tape or glue the ark shapes together around the sides and bottom leaving the top open to make an envelope.

In class give each child an ark envelope and place all the cards face down on a table.

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Have the children take turns turning over two cards to see if they match. If a child gets a match, he gets to place the two Theme paper in his ark envelope. The child who has the most animals in his ark at the end of the game wins. Give each child an animal card.

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Tell them not to let anyone else know what their animal is. Make sure that each child has an animal that will match another child's animal. On the word "go" the children should act out or make the animal sound on their card and try to find the other child in the room that is acting out the same animal that they are.

When they find their partner, they should both sit down together until everyone has found their partner. Listen to Animal Sounds Play an animal sounds identification game. Bring in a recording of animal sounds, and see how many the children can identify.

Look up sounds under sound effects on Amazon. Play "Pin the Animal on the Ark" Play this game like pin the tail on the donkey. Let your students pick from seventeen different animals. Place rolled up tape or double-sided tape on the back of the animal pictures, blindfold your the children, and let them try to tape the animal in the black box on the ark.

The two-page pattern is taped together to make a 10" x 14" game board. At our last church homecoming I decided to entertain the children while the grown-ups visited since young folks usually get very bored at these gatherings.

Instead of "pin the tail on the donkey", I had them play "Put the Animals in the Ark". I made a very large Ark out of poster board. Get as creative with the ark as you want.

For animals, I used pictures from a coloring book. Instead of using pins, I put double-sided tape on the backs of the pictures.

Theme paper

The children picked out their favorite animal, I blindfolded them, turned them around, and they tried to stick the animal on the ark. The grown-ups had as much fun watching the game as the children did playing it.

This could also be a good Bible School activity for children by letting them color the pictures and cut them out themselves. Use it to act out the story of when Noah lets the dove go and it comes back with an olive branch.

Hide an olive leave branch somewhere in the room and let your children fly their doves around the room looking for the leaf and then bring it back to "Noah".

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