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Sunday telegraph business reporters

Editorials Nov 25, It is the time of year when we at least try to have a greater perspective on our world and what we have to be thankful for. But it can be hard in our world today, with the clear evidence of hatred for certain groups — minorities, of course — and our continued inability to treat all people equally.

Saying you were defrauded out of your victory is, after all, admitting that you just plain lost. Even our president wanted to stop the Florida recount as if counting most of the ballots was good enough.

But what happened in Arizona was clear evidence that all votes must be counted — or recounted — because there, what appeared to be a Republican victory in the U. Senate race, turned in favor of the Democrat after a recount.

Clearly, though, as New Hampshire and our towns here prepare for an impending invasion by presidential hopefuls, we need to be clear on our belief in democracy, on the sanctity of the ballot, on the fairness of the process. There is certainly fake news. It can be found on certain Internet sites not in the pages of your local newspapers nor in the major metropolitan dailies like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or the Boston Globe, The Telegraph, the Union Leader or the Miami Herald or any other paper where real reporters and editors work.

Some, of course, will argue that there have been instances where reporters lied in print and editors let it go through and that is so, but those examples — Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass leap to mind — are so few and far between as to be useless as examples of anything sinister.

We all make mistakes, of course, but unlike the liars that can be found on the Internet, we own up to them and we apologize and we try like heck not to make another.

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We are fallible, but we are not fakers. Here, though, are some tips on how to spot fake news, the kind so many Internet junkies love to believe because it fits in with their preconceptions: Consider the source, then investigate the site even though you have to use the Internet to do it.

Read the story and not just the first paragraph. Do a search on the author of the story. Who is this person? Where does he or she really work?

Double check the information reported as fact. But the most important thing to believe is that we — reporters and editors — take great pride in getting it right and feel horrible when we get something wrong.

This is especially important now as the candidate horde gets ready to descend. Trust what we tell you about them, trust what we say they said and believe — believe! The real fake news is White House tripe about fake news.Mel Murder; Third In A String Of Attacks On Sri Lanka’s Top Business Reporters In The Last Year Sunday’s murder of former editor of the Lanka Business Online and leading economic journalist Mel Gunasekera, is the third in a string of attacks on Sri Lanka’s top business reporters in the last year.

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sunday telegraph business reporters

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