Sense of place a catalogue of essays

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Sense of place a catalogue of essays

Arts Journalist The Disappearing Art Catalogue Essay Many gallery exhibition catalogues continue to include critical essays, but most gallery owners claim that buyers are sold on the images, rather than what is said about them and who is saying it.

However, when Karen Jenkins-Johnson had a show at her San Francisco gallery inthere was a catalogue, but it didn't have an essay. Essays are also expensive, costing several thousand dollars, "and I have to recoup that by selling another painting, or maybe half or quarter of a painting.

The one- to three-dollar-per-word essay may be the most expendable luxury. Emily Mason is another artist whose solo gallery exhibits are accompanied by catalogues with both words and pictures, but the catalogue for her March show at David Findlay Jr. Fine Art in New York City has images but no critical essay.

The reason, gallery director Louis Newman noted, is that Mason has "a large and loyal clientele who just want to see the images, to see what she's doing now. Her clients think they know more than any writer.

They don't need some year-old telling them why they should like her work.


Both Newman and Jenkins-Johnson stated that they have received blank stares when mentioning to prospective buyers an idea written up in the catalogue essay. The essay is rarely a part of conversations he has with collectors, and it does not appear to be a factor in a collector's decision if or what to buy.

As a result, the Tibor de Nagy gallery also has foregone catalogue essays, at least some of the time. Not every dealer takes this view. New York gallery owner June Kelly stated that "I have essays in every catalogue, and I always have," claiming that part of her role is educator.

I want to give people a sense of what the work is about, a point of reference. Still, the connection between the information essay and actual sales is tenuous, and their continued inclusion is based on the belief that it is the right thing to do rather than it is a proven marketing tool.

There may be no way of knowing who, if anyone, reads these essays.

Sense of place a catalogue of essays

She added that exhibitions come and go, and it is the ideas about the art found in the written essays that may have a longer resonance than the memory of the images.

For many professional critics, writing catalogue essays form a substantial portion of their income; catalogue essays indicate, among other things, who's hiring.

The artists themselves read them. George Schectman, owner of New York's Gallery Henoch, stated that the essays "are more important to the artists than to the gallery. However, Schectman said, "artists are much more critical about the color reproductions in the catalogue than about the essay.

Emily Mason claimed that she prefers "not to have an essay, as it takes up space that could be used for reproductions. Essays take time that could better be spent looking at the art. He added that the absence of an essay seemed a bit jarring at first, but "maybe, it is just a matter of something to get used In the Studios of Paris: William Bouguereau and His American Students (): James F.

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Parallel Universe: the poetries of New Brunswick Literary Criticism Monograph: number seven. Sue Sinclair and Shane Neilson, editors A co-production of Frog Hollow Press and Hamilton Arts & Letters.

Sense of place a catalogue of essays

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