Parallel parenting essay

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Parallel parenting essay

Learn about parallel parenting and its use in high conflict child custody cases Let's talk about parallel parenting Parallel parenting is a term used more and more in California divorce and child custody cases.

The latter leaves very little room for effective communication and co-parenting — enter the parallel parenting plan. The high conflict cases of which we speak are not just those where the parents have trouble getting along.

This includes situations where: In this article, we are going to look at parallel parenting. We will discuss how it may work in a child custody case as well special challenges. Your situation is unique. Please consult with an attorney in your state.

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It allows the parents to detach from each other and not engage in frequent discussions about day-to-day issues. Parallel parenting gives each parent control over their parenting responsibilities.

In a parallel parenting plan, the communication is far more direct, with minimal emotion. This alternative suppresses unnecessary opinions or editorial comments.

We are not a huge fan of email or text messages in high conflict cases. Assigning a parenting coordinator or special master as part of a parallel parenting plan In the highest of conflict cases, the court may appoint a parenting coordinator or special master.

Parenting coordinators are not the same as private California child custody evaluators. They are not doing a forensic psychological examination of the parents and are not making custodial recommendations to the court within that context.

However, parenting coordinators or special masters can still report to the court.

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What is the primary purpose of parallel parenting? While that is what may eventually occur, that is not the primary goal. The goal of parallel parenting is to avoid conflict in front of the children. Studies have shown that children who witness high conflict between their parents can suffer from psychological and behavioral problems in their own life.

The focus of any child custody case in California is not the mother or father but what is in the best interests of the children.

Parallel parenting essay

The purpose of a parallel parenting plan is not to keep the parents away from the children but to keep the parents away from each other. In cases where physical abuse has occurred, keeping the parents away from each other may not protect the children from that abuse.

We asked her if parallel parenting works in cases of domestic violence or child abuse. In order for parallel parenting to be successful, it requires adherence to fairly strict guidelines including no personal contact between the parties.

Furthermore, cases of domestic violence are often complicated by one or more of the following — impulse control, anger management, obsession, substance abuse and a disregard for both rules and authority.

Parallel parenting essay

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec This report discusses and evaluates the role of observation within an education setting. Section 1 details the importance of observing children followed by an evaluation of a range of observational techniques. Parallel parenting essay un homme et son peche dissertation help.

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