Having children essay

Davidson enjoys writing about sports and personal fitness, contributing to a number of different health and lifestyle websites. Having children brings both positives and negatives.

Having children essay

Share via Email Pointing the way: Getty What a pleasure to be keeping my colleague Eva Wiseman 's page warm while she's off bringing a new life into the world. Eva is one of eight friends of mine to have babies this year. People talk about having children as if it's complicated.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Simple in the same way that rolling a large boulder up an enormous hill is simple: Learning the difference between the two has been one of the most useful gifts parenthood has given me, along with the ability to nap anywhere, sometimes accidentally.

The truth is that a baby is a fantastic life-simplifying device. We're constantly being told to pare down, to be in the moment, to identify and pursue our goals.

Lifestyle experts make wads of cash claiming they can help us: Your baby will be your life coach. It will tell you what to do, all the goddamn time. At work you will become more motivated, assertive and efficient via a mixture of desperation, exhaustion and a distorted perspective on what you can achieve.

You made a human! This fact will explode the boundaries of what you believed possible. Perhaps you can fly. Outside the workplace you will grow balls, with balls on.

Your perspective is now refracted through the prism of your kid's experience. You'll become fearlessly, selfishly public-spirited, determined to make the world better in order to protect this mysterious larval being which appears to be your heart, now outside of your body forever.

You won't need an alarm. I got up no later than 5. Things I was woken by included screaming, nasal probing, a tooth spat into my hand, the words "Smell this" and the awareness of a tiny, silent, fully costumed Lord Voldemort standing watchfully at the foot of my bed.

You won't need a diary.

Why More Women Are Choosing Not to Have Children

You're not going anywhere. If you do, sheer anticipation of the strange event will render the date unforgettable.

In the early weeks, a trip to Asda will warrant the fanfare and pageantry of a royal wedding conducted atop Mount Kilimanjaro. Lack of time will cause draining "friends" and engagements to evaporate from your life. The idea of owning clothing beyond loungewear that tumble dries will be anathema, which is fine because you will also be freed from the desire to be cool and to travel.

When I had two tiny children and three large jobs, I began to fantasise about a time when I would never, ever having to go anywhere or do anything again.

This is why parents seem so boring to their teenage children, then surprise them later by doing exciting things: As for keeping up with the latest trends, you won't, and you won't care.

You have produced the agent of your own impending obsolescence.Children will feel more capable for having met their obligations and completed their tasks. One of the most frequently sited causes of over-indulgence stems from parents doing too much for their children and not expecting enough of them.

Essay: Homeless children Each year, the numbers of homeless children are growing at an alarming rate all around the world. And this is an issue that has deeply affected the lives of millions of children . Argument essay: HAVING CHILDREN OR NOT?

Having children essay

Most people want to get married and have children. Perhaps they want to leave a trace or offspring after them, so that they become somehow “immortal”. And it is commonly said that children are the ultimate bliss in our lives. Although many people agree with this statement, to my mind, it is not true.

There are advantages and disadvantages of being young parents. Couples in their late teens up to their early twenty's fall under this category. Presuming that the prerequisites are satisfied, there are certain advantages to having children at this age.

Given the advantages and disadvantages of being young parents, young couples should. This is an essay on having children later in life. It is on causes (or 'reasons') and effects. You have to explain why men and women are deciding to have children later on in their life, and then explain how this can impacts those families and society.

Gay community, I am your daughter. My mom raised me with her same-sex partner back in the ’80s and ’90s. She and my dad were married for a little while.

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