Business planning manager jdsu

Here is a standard two-part list of company information that most institutional investors would look for during the due diligence process.

Business planning manager jdsu

When the Top list was started, more than a decade ago, the fiber-to-the-home industry was new. The list included nearly every broadband-related company that was even thinking about fiber, some that planned to start thinking about it soon, and some that specialized in other broadband technologies entirely.

List of Business Planning Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Over the years, the list became increasingly focused on fiber broadband. Optical fiber and fiber cables; passive equipment for connecting, protecting and managing fiber; and active equipment for sending and receiving signals over fiber are the most basic components of an FTTH network, along with software for planning, setting up and managing networks and for provisioning and billing fiber services.

The list contains many companies that design, manufacture and distribute these essential products. To put these pieces together requires firms that finance, plan, design, engineer, construct and install fiber optic networks as well as equipment for digging, pushing, pulling and attaching fiber.

These, too, are represented. The list also includes a variety of organizations that advocate for high-performance broadband or create the conditions that make FTTH more profitable.Jacques Cressaty Director of Finance Board Secretary.

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Jacques joined Internet Archive in and supervises the finance team responsible for the day to day financial administration, treasury, taxes, audits, grants management, regulatory requirements and whatever comes his way.

Binary is currently hiring for positions to support their federal customers in financial management, business analysis, GFEBS support, information assurance, IT engineering, and more. Leadership Team. Derek Lew.

business planning manager jdsu

President & CEO. [email protected] Derek Lew an active member of the technology startup community in Vancouver. He is a Partner with Initio Group, a Vancouver, BC-based early-stage angel investment firm, and a lawyer experienced in the areas of corporate, commercial and real estate law.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions.


We help companies of all sizes transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. As our senior business development manager, his acute business acumen allows him to seek and developed many new business opportunities.

business planning manager jdsu

With his natural ability to develop rapport with customers, it enabled him to quickly + connections. JAFCO Asia is the venture capital partner of choice for both technology related companies and investors.

As one of the pioneers and leading company in this domain, the objectives of JAFCO Asia are clear: to add value through our experience, professionalism and business development, to build successful businesses together with our entrepreneurs and to obtain excellent return on investment for.

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