Barings bank disaster

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Barings bank disaster

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Thus a regality was a kingdom and the title 'lord of regality' was a royal title. II, Part IV, p. In England the Palatine Counties of Chester and Durham, for example, were created to administer the border areas between England and Wales and England and Scotland respectively.

The Palatine Earldom of Chester had its own parliament until and the County Palatine of Durham had its own court system until These arms include a crozier and sword in saltire, as opposed to the two croziers in saltire borne by other non-palatine Bishops, and are surmounted by a bishop's mitre issuing out of a coronet.

These two additaments, the sword and the coronet, symbolized the temporal power of the Bishop as a palatine lord or count palatine. The coronet is often referred to as a crest coronet or a ducal coronet but the design seems to vary; the first or left-hand seems to be a ducal coronet strawberry leavesthe second and fourth seem to be the same as currently used by grandchildren of the sovereign strawberry leaves and fleur-de lys and the third seems to be the coronet of a marquess strawberry leaves and pearls.

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It would appear that temporal i. The seal of the state of Maryland, originally sent from England at the time of settlement, showing the earl's coronet used by the 2nd Lord Baltimore, to whom Maryland was granted by Charles I in There was to be ahereditary feudal monarchy, surrounded by a body of nobility deriving its rank, dignities and privileges from the prince as the fountain of honour.

The law-making power was vested in the prince, not in the people, who could only advise and assent or dissent. He might not hold of the King; he might not hold in liberam baroniam.

Nevertheless his jurisdiction was baronial and while bearing Craig's caveat in mind, we are bound to conclude that those tenants who held of an earl or lord and who had a right of furca and fossa were 'barons'.

The jurisdiction must be our test, irrespective of whether that jurisdiction was derived from an earl or king. An example of a barony granted by a Lord of Regality is Muckart which was granted by the Archbishop of St. Note that right of regality in Scotland included, along with rights of chancery and other rights, rights of admiralty Croft Dickinson, p.

Lords of Regality would therefore also have been Lords Admiral in the Admiralty of Scotland, if their lands were coastal which Mordington is, given that it is bounded by the River Whitadder and that there is no bridge in Scotland below the barony before the open seaand the title of Lord Admiral survived the Heritable Jurisdictions Act of in the same way that the title of Hereditary Sheriff, as recognised by the Lord Lyon e.

Argyll, Bute, Wigtownand Lord of Regality, also survived that Act; that is, on the basis that, according to Senior Counsel, the Act must be construed by reference to its purpose and was an Act to remove jurisdictions, not titles.

Note also that s. Andrews as it was and as it is', 3rd Ed. The only right which a full regality did not possess was the right to try treason'; that is, a grant of full rights of regality was a grant of all the rights exercised by the King, including rights of admiralty and excluding only treason.

Of course, these rights included the right to grant arms, as described above, which right was preserved by s. With regard to the power of earls and lords of regality to grant arms, it would be nonsensical if an earl or lord of regality could nobilitate e.

Barings bank disaster

There is nothing here that prevents an earl or lord of regality from exercising an existing right to grant arms, which says that arms already granted by such people before that date were not valid or which says that such a right cannot be exercised in the future.

The Act also says that the Lyon's register will be the true and unrepealable rule of all arms and bearings in Scotland but this does not of itself prevent arms granted otherwise than by the Lord Lyon from being recorded in the register.Please spell check, include how you would like your name(s) signed, mention the amount if desired, and format your message as you would like it delivered.

Barings collapse at How rogue trader Nick Leeson broke the bank Twenty years ago, Nick Leeson caused the collapse of Barings, the City’s oldest merchant bank .

Barings bank disaster

Barings bank (risk management disaster) The story of the Barings is one of a rogue trader that alone caused the bankruptcy of a supposed solid bank.

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