An introduction to the analysis of stage fright

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An introduction to the analysis of stage fright

By Joshua Rapp Abstract The condition of stage fright is defined and its effect on performances is discussed.

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Its physical and mental causes as well as its physiological manifestations are detailed. The differences between stage fright and anxiety or shyness are clarified.

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An overview of common techniques for handling the condition, especially nonmedical treatment, is included. Finally, the relevance of handling stage fright in engineering presentations is discussed.

Many of the symptoms of stage fright are due to adrenaline, a hormone released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress. True Thinking of stage fright as "stage excitement" or "stage enthusiasm" can help you . stage fright in which the components of stage fright are indicated, the way these components interact and the factors that lead to stage fright, and to maintaining and worsening of the situation. An analysis of the book review of robert laceys the life and times of henry viii Duke an introduction to the issue of stage fright of Athens October 21, / 0 Comments / .

Theory and Background Stage fright is a condition nearly all of us have experienced. Before a big event—an exam, a presentation, a recital, or a sports game—a number of physiological changes start to occur. We may become tense, begin to sweat, or have feelings of nausea. On stage, on the field, or in front of the class, we may draw a blank on information we had perfectly memorized just moments before, or we might have difficulty finding the right words, even though we can articulate perfectly in normal conversation.

All of these sensations and symptoms are the result of stage fright. Although in general, we may all be able to relate to the term, there is an ambiguity about what it actually means.

This paper will introduce related clinical language to help define what stage fright is, as well as provide examples of symptoms, options for controlling the symptoms, and case studies in undergraduate engineering.

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By exploring both engineering and nontechnical examples and official definitions, we realize that stage fright is a normal issue, not a psychological one that requires serious professional help.

This result encourages us to take matters into our own hands and overcome stage fright with a few simple steps. For someone to receive a diagnosis for a mental disorder, they must meet certain criteria established by the DSM.

As anyone who has experienced stage fright knows, the condition involves both a mental and physical element. Since this psychological condition with physiological manifestations could inhibit someone from functioning normally or performing their job well, it seems plausible that the condition could have its own DSM diagnosis.

This highlights the fact that stage fright is an instance of anxiety for the average person—someone not normally affected by anxiety disorders in other social situations. Symptoms such as fear and anxiety begin to occur that only inhibit the particular situations of performances or public speaking.

Powell emphasizes that these specific instances are limited to when an individual is committed to a task like a play, dance recital, or sporting event and has high expectations of how that task should be performed not forgetting lines, staying in tune, running at top speed, etc.

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Professional stress coach Greene describes the response in terms that are easier to understand. For most people to give their peak performances, they need to be either pumped up with positive high energy or relaxed and mellow with positive low energy.

Reaching the optimal energy level is then intuitively the key to handling stage fright effectively. Figure 1 "Four Energy Zones" Greene,p. Dealing with Stage Fright Mental Approaches There are a number of non-medical approaches that individuals can use to control their performance anxiety, or at least the physical indicators of the anxiety.

Thus, these nonmedical approaches succeeded in reducing stage fright by using relaxation to stimulate the body into releasing endorphins and calming itself down. Medical Approaches Throughout human history, people have used substances external to the body, such as alcohol or tranquilizers, to artificially relax.

An introduction to the analysis of stage fright

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stage fright in which the components of stage fright are indicated, the way these components interact and the factors that lead to stage fright, and to maintaining and worsening of the situation.

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