An examination of the downfall of our music today

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An examination of the downfall of our music today

But for many elementary school teachers who joined the profession during the last decade, and especially those who work in high-poverty schools, classrooms that provide vigorous learning opportunities to all students never existed—thanks, in large part, to the No Child Left Behind Act NCLB.

Today, more than a decade later, the law is uniformly blamed for stripping curriculum opportunities, including art, music, physical education and more, and imposing a brutal testing regime that has forced educators to focus their time and energy on preparing for tests in a narrow range of subjects: For students in low-income communities, the impact has been devastating.

In Los Angeles alone, one-third of the arts teachers were given pink slips between and and arts programs for elementary students dwindled to practically zero.

The good news is that money has begun to trickle back in—to California, at least.

An examination of the downfall of our music today

But slowly improving state budgets can only go so far. Across the nation, the testing obsession has nudged aside visual arts, music, physical education, social studies, and science, not to mention world languages, financial literacy, and that old standby, penmanship.

The One-Size-Fits-All Agenda In a national survey, two-thirds of teachers said many academic subjects had been crowded out by an increased focus on math and language arts.

About half said art and music were being marginalized, while 40 percent said the same for foreign languages; 36 percent for social studies; and 27 percent for science.

The results were particularly striking at the elementary level, where 81 percent of teachers reported that extra time devoted to math or language arts meant less time for other subjects.

Over 60 percent of middle school teachers and 54 percent of high school teachers reported the same in their schools. More than 90 percent of teachers blamed state tests in math and language arts. When NCLB was implemented more than a decade ago, its promoters trumpeted promises about raising accountability and providing adequate resources to lower income students in struggling schools.

High-poverty schools across the nation have been forced to narrow the curriculum much more drastically than wealthier schools—with worse consequences for low-income students. While their more affluent peers may routinely visit museums or other cultural resources, many poor urban and rural students rely on their teachers to expose them to the kind of background knowledge that is essential to subject mastery.

Hirsch, a University of Virginia education professor who has championed the link between content knowledge and reading comprehension skills, in his book The Knowledge Deficit.

Thanks to the burgeoning STEM movement science, technology, engineering and mathBrian Crosby believes science education may soon be removed from the endangered curriculum list.

Crosby taught science in the Washoe County School district in Nevada for more than 30 years, recently leaving the classroom to become a STEM facilitator for the state. Brian Crosby In January, Texas lawmakers passed a bill that, among other things, cut the graduation requirement for social studies from four courses to three.

World history or world geography? How do you make that choice between such valuable courses? Physical education becomes part of math. Art becomes part of reading.

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While integrating subjects can foster collaboration between colleagues, a good thing, notes drama teacher Tom McLaughlin, he warns what might be lost in the long term. We run the risk of putting these other subjects out of business.

Still, integration can work, she says. I have a background and certification as a reading specialist, so I see the close relationship between reading and writing in the content areas and it has influenced my teaching philosophy and approach.

And by the time they got to high school many of these students were so far behind they were put into remedial classes. And people would wonder why kids were dropping out of school. Margit McGuire believes that continually pushing aside U.

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