An analysis of the novel reading in the dark by seamus deane

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An analysis of the novel reading in the dark by seamus deane

He traces the path taken by a growing boy searching for and finding the truth about his family during this very tumultuous time and having to come to terms with what he discovers. Deane uses this family to illustrate the issues surrounding history that are central to the deeper understanding of his novel.

The theme of haunting plays a major role in the history of this family and the overall society of this people illustrating the problems of not confronting and not knowing the past.

The hauntings also further illustrate how various forms of authority affect the way history is written and hidden.

This is the first reference to there being something dark and sinister to this family. By calling it a shadow, this brings up dark and ominous connotations about what has happened in their past. This shadow is also between the mother and son, a clear indication that the existence of it keeps them apart emotionally.

The secret of their history builds walls between the members which will destroy the relationships among their family. The mother ignores the truth and fails to deal with it. She attempts to ignore it by burying the past inside her. The house itself is haunted which is used by Deane to illustrate the strength and affect of how history and the failure to deal with it affects the surroundings around a person, in this case the family.

We had a ghost, even in the middle of the afternoon? The house was all cobweb tremors. No matter where I walked, it yielded before me and settled behind me.

Deane 5 Deane reestablishes the secrets of the family by saying they had a ghost in the afternoon.

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This only helps to strengthen that this is not the typical ghost and haunting, which in the usual sense would take place at night. This is something more, the history of the family that will not go away unless it is brought out. This hidden history and truth is so strong that the house becomes a sort of ghost and haunts the family as well.

The house, which further represents Northern Ireland, becomes the past and history that they refuse to deal with, whichconstantly surrounds them.

It is this truth about their past that has been unattended to or rather not dealt with. The use of the word tremors describes that this secret still affects them, though it is very old. These issues take on a life of their own, unpredictable and uncontrollable. By not cutting in, he illustrates the passive subjugation of the Irish people.

The narrator, on the other hand, illustrates the new generation wanting to face their past, where by challenging the authority of the British government. This section shows how their history is always present no matter what and how the outside authority affects several generations of this country.

The idea of an exorcism is to cleanse the body and surroundings of something evil and harmful, to in effect clear the soul and free it.

They feel they can only continue living staying in a numb and unfeeling state of their past, which in the long run will destroy family bonds. This knowledge will haunt them for the rest of their lives, doomed to relive this hurt for the rest of their life by themselves.

The souls of this region represent the secret history that the family refuses to deal with. No one, no matter how hard they try, can escape their past or history. Or if you were in a house when the cries came, you were meant to close the doors and windows to shut them out, in case that pain entered your house and destroyed all in it?

Again, I felt there was something more to be told, but his eyes were saying he had changed his mind, he was not going to say any more. Again, it is believed, by revealing the truth, it will do countless damage to the family, but in fact by holding it in he effectively builds a wall between him and his sons.

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Also, the reference to Grianan illustrates the feelings of the new generation of Irish Catholics that the narrator represents and their remembering the past and the drive for self rule.

The parents failure to deal with this past of theirs is handed down to their children through their authority over them. Katie, on the other hand, also does not understand the history of the family, but she deals with it in her own way by telling this story. Through this story of haunting, the affects of two different authority figures becomes clear by how the narrator reacts to having to begin dealing with their past and how difficult it can be.

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Apparently, "Deane's book is the warmly compassionate, painstakingly gorgeous work of a mature man who wishes to memorialize the dead without yielding to sentimentality."Author: Isabella Kratynski. Full Book Notes and Study Guides.

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An analysis of the novel reading in the dark by seamus deane

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