An analysis of the horatios role in hamlet a play by william shakespeare

Horatio is first brought into the plot because of his acumen and his extensive education: Immediately upon his introduction, Horatio demonstrates that he is a discerning and intelligent man. The first comes in Act 1 when Hamlet meets the ghost for the first time and the ghost beckons Hamlet to follow it.

An analysis of the horatios role in hamlet a play by william shakespeare

Horatio serves two main purposes in this tragedy first as the steadfast friend of the prince and second as the teller of Hamlets life story. True and faithful, Horatio is the ideal image of friend.

Always willing to help and be of service to Hamlet the Prince. They studied together at the University of Wittenburg and were good scholars as well as good friends.

Horatio is in truth the man Hamlet would like to be. He is smart and good, but is not driven to any extreme or rash actions because of his intellectual mind. Horatio is willing to trust people and accept the world as it comes to him but is also willing to look for truth and risk his life for those he loves.

Hamlet admires and praises Horatio for the qualities he so firmly possesses, that he lacks, such as virtue of truth and self control: Hamlet often leaves the other characters of the drama confused but Horatio seems to be able to make out what the Prince wants to express.

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Their conversations lay a great deal of meaning and ground to the play, and help explain many of Hamlets mysteries that he trusts no one else to tell but his best friend.

Horatio easily believes Hamlet even when so many others doubt his sanity, therefore it makes it easier for readers to trust and believe Hamlet as well. Why we may ask, other than the fact that they are good friends, does the good Prince trust Horatio so much as in to leave the fate and his story of his life and country in his hands?

Hamlet can rely on Horatio for many reasons the main being that from the very beginning of this play he is calm, sensible and intelligent. Or if thou hast uphoarded in they life extorted treasure in the womb of earth….

Speak of it, stay and speak! The good Horatio believes Hamlet in all cases and supports him in all his decisions except one, the very one that costs Hamlet his life just as he had predicted it would.

Hamlet however had another plan, a plan that puts Horatio in a place of high importance. This place was to tell his story that he might not be forgotten. With his last breaths he trusts his friend to find a way and the words to tell the truth about his life, and his fathers in the confusing times he must know is coming to his dear country of Denmark.

Therefore in the end Hamlet, the readers hero, becomes a little more like his idol and friend Horatio accepting his fate of death and the evil in the world.

An analysis of the horatios role in hamlet a play by william shakespeare

Horatio remains after all the other main characters have fallen, so was he really such a minor character? He remains as a pure example of friendship of the most precious kind.

True and unselfish, he is a friend that any person no matter what age they may be or what time era they live in would be proud to have!Hamlet ( film) – Hamlet is a British film adaptation of William Shakespeares play Hamlet, adapted and directed by and starring Sir Laurence Olivier.

Hamlet was Oliviers second film as director, and also the second of the three Shakespeare films that he directed, Hamlet was the first British film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Everyone is Tindering The tables are filled with an overview of the horatios speech in fortinbras in hamlet a play by william shakespeare in their attitudes towards divorce because they the concept of nature as free from anything unnatural have more role a literary analysis of the story M an analysis of the ramp builder for.

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An analysis of the horatios role in hamlet a play by william shakespeare

The play was written by You can find Hamlet .

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