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Every day Johal and two colleagues, who are also based in Brampton, file stories to their editors 12, kilometres away in the city of Jalandhar. Satpaul Singh Johal is a Brampton-based journalist who works for the largest Punjabi language newspaper in the world, Daily Ajit, based in India.

Ajit paper

Ajit Pai Does Something Right, Will Reform Stupid Utility Pole Rules To Speed Up Fiber Deployment from the build-it-and-they-will-come dept There's several reasons that the hype surrounding Google Fiber has stalled; most notably Alphabet executives growing weary of the slow pace and high costs of traditional fiber deployments something they should have understood going in.

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But another major obstacle for Google Fiber was the boring old utility pole. As it stands, when a new competitor tries to enter a market, it needs to contact each individual ISP to have them move their own utility pole gear.

This convoluted and bureaucratic process can take months, and incumbent ISPs which often own the poles in question have a long and proud history of then slowing things down even further by intentionally dragging their feet.

To help fix this problem, Google Fiber and several other companies proposed new "one touch make ready" rules that would dramatically streamline the pole attachment process. Under this proposaljust one licensed and insured contractor would be allowed to move any company's gear, provided they give advanced notice.

Fast forward to last week, when the Ajit Pai FCC formally approved plans to take these "one touch" rules and implement them federally. A statement from Pai correctly assesses that this is one of numerous logjams preventing fiber competition from taking root: Today, a broadband provider that wants to attach fiber or other equipment to a pole first must wait for, and pay for, each existing attacher to sequentially move existing equipment and wires.

This can take months, and the bill for multiple truck rolls adds up. For companies of any size, pole-attachment problems represent one of the biggest barriers to broadband deployment.

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Such pole-attachment rules only apply to privately-owned poles, and not poles owned by many municipalities. Google Fiber's disinterest in continuing its broadband disruption efforts also aren't likely to be reversed, though the rule changes should help other competitors in some markets.Ludhiana News.

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Ajit paper

Ajit, Ajith or Ajeet may refer to: Ajit (given name), an Indian masculine given name (including a list of persons with the name) Ajit (newspaper), Punjabi daily newspaper.

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Follow me till the end, and I assure you will atleast get a sense of what is happening underneath the. Ajit Pai, a GOP member of the Federal Communications Commission tapped Monday by President Donald Trump to be the agency’s chairman, is expected to steer the agency in a deregulatory direction.

Pant has technical issues in keeping wickets: Engineer. Rishabh Pant might have created a new record for an Indian wicketkeeper by taking 11 catches in a Test in Australia, but former.

Ajit paper

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