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Jason Membership decisions are consistently one of the hardest aspects of living at Acorn. After a string of difficult membership decisions that strained the social fabric of the community, we concluded that our old membership process was not serving us well. The old process was that visitors would come for three weeks, do a round of clearnesses, which involved having a conversation with every member on the farm, and then we would try to come to consensus about whether to make the person a provisional member or not. If we made them a provisional member, there would be a year long period where they did more rounds of clearnesses and we would come to consensus about making them a full member.

Acorn project

Please do not use "post comments" to ask for camera help and advice. Use phone, Skype IM or eMail. Like all cameras of this type, the Ltl Acorn models do have their issues and I answer a large number of emails requesting help.

Some problems are just mistakes with menu settings, others are issues with memory cards and some are camera faults. This post is an attempt to collate and illustrate potential problems which, in most cases, can be corrected by users if they have the right information. Some issues may require some analysis by the user, but most often a simple procedure or a firmware update will correct the problem.

I hope this post will help you keep your camera running without costly returns and time spent trying to explain problems.

If you have a camera problem which is not answered below please email, Skype or phone. Do not use the post comments to ask for advice. Real or Fake cloned Ltl Acorn Firmware upgrade issues: Before I go into specific issues, one thing which is very important is to determine that you have a genuine camera manufactured by Ltl Acorn.

There is at least one company that I am aware of, who stole the case design and who, I believe, are currently the subject of a law suit in China. They manufacture a range of lookalikes which are available from a variety of internet sources.

Genuine Acorn the Acorn logo top left. The bottom box is the oldest and similar to the box in figure 1b. The two boxes above show the 0.


How alike the internal electronics are to the genuine Acorns I have no idea, but if you are unfortunate enough to have one of these cameras it is unlikely that it will respond well to a genuine Acorn firmware update. In a situation like this it would be impossible to reload the camera with the original software, and the camera would be useless.

Fake packaging shown by an Amazon seller. Note that there is no Acorn logo on the box. How to tell the difference: This is a registered trademark.

Acorn project

Acorn clone without trademark Distributors and retailers of cloned cameras have Fig 3: Bar code labels and approval marks with nine figure serial numbers similar to those shown in figure 3 A and figure 4 MM will always be found on genuine cameras.

I have seen images of cloned cameras, apparently without labels and marks.Acorn Crafts & Projects. We've collected plenty of acorn crafts for preschoolers through teens, lots of ideas for using nature in your craft projects!

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The Federation of Egalitarian Communities has a Mutual Aid Scholarship Fund designed to fund communards in learning and developing skills that are beneficial to their communities. Over the last two years, this fund is used for individual communards (Ingrid and Darles from Acorn, and Petey of East Wind) to go to workshops on topics such as permaculture or natural building.

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